Shells & Fish Import and Export, Co. is a subsidiary of Empacadora Granmar, S.A.

We are an international group dedicated to aquaculture, which currently integrates its processes in all areas of shrimp production.



We offer these products in frozen blocks and IQF (P&D and PUD). We also produce and sell customized products based on customers needs.

  • Shell-On

  • Head-On

  • P&D (Peeled and Deveined Shrimp)

  • PUD (Peeled Undeveined)

  • Cooked shrimp


Other products

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Breaded Shrimp

These are produced from the best selection of Ecuadorian White Shrimp. Each shrimp is evenly breaded with imported high quality breading to ensure a crunchy and tasty experience with every bite.

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Butterfly Shrimp

Shrimps are cut along the back, veins are thrown away and then, the shrimp is cut open, butterfly-style.

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EZ Peel

These shrimps are perfect for cocktails. They come pre-deveined and shell on.

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Coconut Shrimp

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Skewered Shrimp

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Prepared and ready-to-eat portions.